That’s it?

Well as I’ve explained, it is pretty hard keeping up a blog while you’re actually, you know, attending the Slam.

So here’s what you kids have to look forward to, once tonight is over and I have my life to myself again:

– PICS – Lots and lots and lots of pics. Feast your eyes style.

– Andy-JoWillie play by play, observation by observation, from inside RLA

As for tonight? Well, the tradition of watching in Garden Square may not happen judging by this weather, and the fact that I (R, if you’re curious) have a wedding to attend in the earlier hours of the evening.

I’m thinking I’ll get in front of a telly for the third set onwards or last resort join LP in the Garden. It’ll be nice to get inside and hear Roger bawl again.

On that note……….



Yeah, this guy:

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