Have Blog, Will Travel

The time has finally arrived, my little pumpkin pies.

For those of you who follow my Twitter (and if you’re reading this, and you like tennis tweetspam, you most definitely should be), you will be aware that I am departing shortly on an adventure I like to call “Fabulous Tour of the Universe (TM)”. Travel adventures will be blogged over here and you are welcome to check in on my adventures as I go.

Of course, the sporting parts will be covered here at Court Thirteen – and that’s where the rest of the universe comes in. My travels will cover Thailand, Israel (missing the challenger by just a week, and yes, I so would have gone), and then heading over to Europe and the USA for some serious backpacking adventures. I’m guessing its like packing a tennis bag, Australian Open style, just multiplied by six weeks?

At this stage, the European and American adventures brings the extreme likelihood I will venture over to a tennis tourney or two. I aim to be at the final weekend of Roland Garros, and though grasscourt adventures are too expensive for me, I’d love to hop by any other minor events that may be accessible in the Western European side of town during June/July.

The real fun is going to begin in the beginning of August, when I depart the Continent and its historical culture that feeds my inner geek, to greet the mecca of all that is shiny, new, big and delicious in the USA. The hard court season will be mine and time and money permitting we’d love to get over to Legg-Mason, Toronto, New Haven and of course, the grandpapa of them all, the US Open. Here’s where my fellow tennis lovers come in, as I’d love your recommendations of which smaller tourneys are the best to spend the time and money visiting. If for some strange reason you are officially affiliated with any such tournament AND you read this blog, and would like a completely random Aussie blogger giving you some bloglove, then you can feel free to send the love back in this direction, if you please 😛

In the meantime things may simmer down on the bloggage front here and there – I will definitely recount all awesome experiences but may find it difficult to keep up with the day to day of tourneys, particularly grand slams. But don’t you worry the stalkerage gene is still intact and I will be taking the Beauty of Plexicushion Blue and the Joy of January with me everywhere I go. I’m off to discover whether tennis exists outside of Melbourne Park, support Aussies wherever I go, and meet whichever of you tennis tweeps care to join me on this adventure. Buckle up, kids. It’s going to be vamos all over the place.

3 Responses to Have Blog, Will Travel

  1. Steph says:

    Oh wow a tour of US hardcourt season sounds amazing! I never made it to anything other than the US Open but have looked into going to New Haven tourney a few times. I’ve heard good things about that one. But Toronto is a great city so imagine it’d be worth trying to go there.

    Good luck with it – hope you can swing tix to them all!

  2. Thanks Steph! Never been anywhere other than AO, Kooyong and an exo at MSG in NYC so wondering how the face of tennis looks outside Oz, should be an eye-opener. Hoping that maybe some lovely Australian bodies might want me to spruik the Aussie talent via my blog and help me out in that arena. 😛 I can dream, can’t I…

  3. […] long. Instead of weeping when tennis farewelled my town (well, I did weep…) it was time to hightail it to Thailand and Israel, where the sports bartenders of the world rejoiced as they kept me in […]

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