The Power of Davai

It’s no secret that we at Court Thirteen are particularly partial to those who hail from the eastern stronghold of testosterone-plated tennis, the boys of Mother Russia. Maybe it’s our vodka-infused veins, or the folk songs Babushka sang to us as she rocked the cradle, or just an appreciation of damn charosho tennis.

When we had all the machis like Maratski, Dima, Kolya and Misha on the scene, it wasn’t hard to harness the power of davai in the tennis universe and sing a bit of “nyet nyet nikavo”.

Since Maratski’s found more productive ways to spend his time, Kolya’s off to get his injies fixed and Dima’s taken to cocktail making and record scratching as a more lucrative career, we’ve been left without our hometown faves and an excess in the Power of Davai.

Luckily we get to dump it all on the glorious Misha, who seemed to appreciate our folk songs more than Dima did (including the original creation “Dima, Dima, Dima”). (For video evidence, you are welcome to check out match point of Youzhny-Gasquet, AO 2010.)

With the folk songs ringing, Misha powered his way to a win over Marin for the title in Munich. Nyeh zhoritzy chloptzy, pozhalusta, dosvedanya.

We had a squiz at the Misha-Marin match (between stream fails) and thought it a shame Marin keeps playing our faves, because I haven’t been able to cheer for him in a match, since, seriously, Chennai or something. There was some pretty inspired tennis on both ends – unfortunately the streams couldn’t hold up across a single lengthy clay court rally 😛

The power of Davai!

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  1. […] it’s Grandma’s Russian blood that has us Davay-ing left right and centre for Misha, Dima and Kolya (Marat needs no explanation, obvs) but it’s a little inexplainable what’s […]

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