La Vie A Paree

Hello, ladies and gents, and let’s give a warm welcome back to Court Thirteen.

For those of you following Twitter, you would be aware that tennis watching has not been a ball for the Court Thirteen crew lately.

It’s been a mixture of the Roland Garros iPhone app livescoring, Twitter score reports from the twennis community, and the occasional benevolent sports bartender who has been generous enough to play tennis on the plasma while feeding me beer, wine and onion rings.

The tennis watching hunt began in Thailand, where the kind waitresses and manager at The Islander Bar, Chaweng, Koh Samui enabled me to view the Madrid Fedal final in luxury and joy – albeit slight humidity. I had my jug of pink cocktail and tennis on the big screen, and Rafa beat Fed for the first time in 11 months.

In Jerusalem, the tennis watching hunt has stepped up. For the first time, I am getting used to being in the same timezone as my tennis. It means all day activities are pushed aside as tennis watching becomes paramount – or does it?

With my favourite sports bar only opening at 7pm, its meant that the Roland Garros iPhone tracker has become my best friend, and that my tennis watching hours are limited. However, as Court Thirteen does, I will bring you the highlights of week one, and snippets for week two. Because this weekend brings a very special surprise. Stay tuned.

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  1. […] This year, I was lucky enough to attempt a Grand Slam in tennis viewing, and I’m proud to say, nearly succeeded. Starting with our exhilarating race for the best seats at Hit for Haiti, my sisters and I had Melbourne Park covered all January long. Instead of weeping when tennis farewelled my town (well, I did weep…) it was time to hightail it to Thailand and Israel, where the sports bartenders of the world rejoiced as they kept me in cocktails and screenings of the clay swing. Finally, it was time to move from TV land and onto the gorgeous squishy courts of Roland Garros. […]

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