Here Comes Sally

So Sally Peers despatched Wozniak so quickly and prettily, it was over before I could blink, and there I was, hanging over the railings, proffering my ticket in hopes of getting a signature. Said, “Well done Sally! Good luck in the next round,” and she just continued quaking. Then the lovely men from Fox Sports at home came to interview her, and I stood behind them waving frantically and saying “hi Mum.” Oh no, that wasn’t me, it was the two Aussies who sat next to me the entire match and even led the Aussie Aussie Aussie.

Oh wait, maybe it was me, for, like, a tiny bit.

The news now is that when Sally plays Kim, she’s up against her childhood idol. And the lovely folk at Tennis Australia put up this adorable pic to show us how it happened back in the day.


One Response to Here Comes Sally

  1. […] a single match on live TV during the Quarterfinals. Next was time for the US Open, where greeting guests and watching kids play Dance Dance Revolution at Smashzone was a small price to pay for watching […]

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