Tennis on my TV

Just a couple days left, kiddies, and that exciting moment of the year arrives.

I’m NOT talking about January, okay? I’ll wax lyrical about the beauty of that month another time.

I’m talking about that moment of the year when unsuspecting Aussies, devastated (though I’m sure, once upon a time, elated) by cricket scores, or bummed at the lack of quality How I Met Your Mother, switch on their Teevs after Neighbours and Today Tonight… to find… well…



For livestream squinters who have spent the year making besties with Foxtel users or squandering public wifi connections, it’s a golden time. Between Channel Seven and One HD and all the other glorious purveyors of A Summer of Tennis, the time has arrived.


With Hopman Cup and Brisbane on the cards for next week, tennis players tweeting about the crazy flight (yeah, try living with it, dude) and Australian News actually paying attention to our beloved sport for a change..

There’s no doubt about it. The time’s arrived, babies.

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