Good to know.

I asked Dima a question. He kindly answered it.

RT @rishegee: @TursunovTales Question: Are u playing main draw or qualies? Dubs? Answer: playing main draw singles and dubs with Zverevless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

We’re already assembling the cheersquad. Anyone?

For some brief history on the Tursunov cheersquad, it began many years before my tennis reincarnation (aka in the period between fandom phase 1 and obsession phase 68), when M & L supported Dmitry (the shared Russian heritage, the blogs, what more?) even being the lucky recipient to some poetic efforts from the man. I proudly shunned their back court efforts, until one sunny January afternoon in 2009, when after nursing a Heineken and listening to sunset sounds (country music that evening, my favourite) I was ready for some tennis and sought out my sisters. I meandered over to Court 13, yes, the Court 13 this blog is named after, and watched my sisters and associated audience members teach one another creative and inventive cheers utilising all the Russian words in our vocabulary.

Dima may not have won the match (sob) but we most definitely won. Not only did we make some new friends (shoutout, as we are still friends to this day) but the Dima cheersquad flame had been kindled and will never die. As in, five sets under the hot hot sun in Flushing Meadows, never die. As in, doubles in round one as an exception to the rule, never die.

So who’s in?

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