A Guide To All Things Melbourne Tennis

A lovely little tool called WordPress Stats has taught me what the universe has been searching for lately, and my my has it been interesting. Turns out aside from everyone being way curious what the views are from the nosebleeds, back seats and front seats at Rod Laver Arena, which we addressed last week, there’s a plethora of Melbourne/city/media/transportation related queries that are going sadly unanswered.

As a wannabe travel writer, I thought I’d use these next few days to give you lovelies a rundown on all things Melbourne. Granted, things may’ve changed in the last eight months but I’d like to give all the visitors a chance to love my city as much as I do. So here it is. Along with posting anything of Melbourne-related tennis-relevance on this site as we watch #tennisgoingmainstream for the next few days, I’m happy to answer all your questions for the Court-13 style, spectator guide to the Australian Open. I can’t claim to do a better job than the tournament themselves, who have a pretty handy comprehensive site, but I’ll do my best.

Anyone in? Drop me a tweet or post it in the comments box below. I’m all ears.

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