Fan Girl Stampede

Over the last few days, as I’ve met other tennis fans from all over the place, we keep falling into that same discussion: Why we love tennis. And we keep coming back to the same thing: It’s not the forehand and the backhand and the fancy athleticism – though that’s lovely. It’s not the gorgeous girls and genetically blessed men – though must say it’s a plus. It’s because tennis is our own little universe, a microcosm of everything else that happens around us – and it turns into our own little soap opera.

If that’s the case, today’s Rally for Relief was the season finale, though ironically it’s just the beginning. The lovely C-Note of Forty Deuce Fame put it into far better words than I did, but essentially: If we watch tennis for personality, isn’t it fabulous when we can see those personalities shining through?

It’s also great to bring together a year of livestream-watching, scoreboard-staring and incessant Tweeting with real life experiences, which was why today’s Rally for Relief brought extra joyness as we got to enjoy it with our Twitter friends. Shoutout to all the lovelies who accompanied us and gave me the joy of pronouncing all my best one-liners – to people who actually understood them. It also made the three hours of waiting in lines, outside the glass doors, then outside the blue doors, then finally, in Rod Laver, an awesome, sunburny, Fed-bashing, tennis-consuming time for all.


We braved the Fan Girl Stampede. Wait, maybe we *were* the fan girl stampede.

Plus it was really refreshing, and somewhat validating to see the long lines. Like, there are other people just as obsessed as we are?

And perhaps a front-row position didn’t make it too bad either. 🙂

Ready for some pics?

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