Riestainis and Džiuvėsis

Lithuanians love their bread. Black bread, seeded bread, and the big wide bagely things they apparently called Riestainis. Today, our new favourite Lithuanian and serious contender for Court 13 newfound favourite, Ricardas Berankis, baked up a storm of thick, fresh, seeded rye bread, serving Nalby a bagel and a breadstick before Dave retired when down in the 3rd.

A lot can happen in three days. Those of you reading this blog three days ago probably heard me mention Roger’s practice session on Rod Laver Arena, prior to Rally for Relief, when I noted Fed out there with a young kid, probably a junior or hitting partner, and had absolutely no idea who he was. Thanks to lovely people like Ricardas’ biggest fan Rosie, I learned more about him and could put two and two together regarding some of the pretty decent shot-making he displayed against Fed. (A few points stood out, so much so that the entire RLA applauded. Which was nice.)

Which is what had me in the direction of Court 7 the other night when he was playing Aussie wildcard winner Marinko Matosevic. We had the Lithuanian army on one side, the Aussie schoolmates of Marinko’s on the other, and the lovely Rosie lapping up the love from her two boys. Standing waiting for entry before changeover, I overheard a loud, distinctly Aussie voice marvelling, “Great serve!! Really good serve from someone at that height..” or whatnot. Turning around to snarl at the loud pretentiousness of some would-be tennis scout, L and I were soon elbowed out of the way as changeover began… by none other than Pat Cash, utterer of said comment.

It was a fairly great serve, to be honest. Pat knows. What do I know?

My camera is crappy, but I’m pretty proud of this here shot.

And I’m proud of this here boy. I jumped on the bandwagon late, but I’m glad I did. He plays well and he’s on the up. Not to mention the fact that he’s sweet and cute, his coach seems lovely (sat next to him, as has been our habit over the last few days), and the Lithuanian army is heaps of fun at a match.

So bring on – who is it next? David. Oh yeah, that’s right. Okay, go for it. Because you know if you make it to Misha I will totally withdraw all support. Sorry. Life of a tennis fan.

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