This year at the Australian Open, L and I have agreed to take a closer look at that anomaly that graces the outer courts during the second week, playing to half empty bleachers yet providing the greatest opportunity for up-close-and-personal tennis joyness. We refer, of course, to doubles play, having recently been converted to the off-court version of the Brybros and finding ourselves alongside Nenad Zimonjic at way too many matches over the last week.

Which uncovered the mixed dubs pairing of the century, which L thankfully ensured was on the gallivanting list:

Nenad and Kiri. Joyness meets joyness.

It gets better… if only this pic wasn’t so ridiculously out of focus.


According to our reporter, L:

“After visiting the Serbian juniors including Junior JJ, watching Tipsy and his wife plan their Melbourne Park getaway, we had lots of Serb love at Nenad Kiri. A group of 4 boys serenaded kiri and the chair ump with some very humerous songs, led the crowd in a rendition of if you all love kiri clap your hands, zikiri won bec theyre awesome..”
“Congratulated nenad on the DC bec hes the captain of our crew hes the friend for me and you kind and nice goodlooking too nenad nenad yeah nenad….”
Did I mention we love Nenad? Oh yeah, we do. His coach has also been seated next to us at every Serbian match we’ve watched in the last week. We’re already on face-recognition-bestie basis. That Serbian tennis crew. They own.

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