No Title Is Sufficient: NOLE

We’ve done our fair share of Grand Slam Gallivanting, particularly over the last two weeks.

From qualies to the finals, we’ve watched matches everywhere from the back courts to the show courts, from qualifying singles to wheelchair to juniors to mixed doubles. Everything has been an adventure, everything has been awesome. We’ve discovered new players and rekindled our love with old favourites; we’ve become enamoured with familiar faces and turned away from some who have just gotten that little bit too irritating. But old habits die hard, and with Nole, we’ve always known: It Must Be Love.

If someone could create tennis heaven for me, this evening was close to it. Let’s start with, say, a really hot Melbourne day – the kind where the term “stinking hot” was coined precisely for the purpose of describing the phenomenon. The beauty of such days, however, is in the evenings – instead of freezing away as the wind and the seagulls throw shadows over Rod Laver Arena, the warm air wraps around you like a blanket and you sit in the lush green grass and revel in all that is Melbourne.

That was tonight.

It was warm and it was sunny and the courts were sparkling blue and the people piling up in Garden Square and the sound of the thwack of the ball making me excited and the universe was beautiful. Then it got even more wonderful, when we made our way into Rod Laver Arena to discover the best seats in the house – were ours. I’m talking, eight rows from the front, slightly to the right of Nole’s box, surrounded by celebrities, best seats in the house.

It gets better.

Two of my favourite players in the universe, did you say? Sure, I’ll watch them play, say, a Grand Slam final. At my favourite tennis tournament in the universe? Why, how kind of you. And in the best seats in the house. Muchos Gracias.

We papped the celebrities, we watched amazing tennis, we tweeted and laughed and whispered throughout. We congratulated the Serbian box and cheered with the Serbian army. We danced through Garden Square and chanted throughout Nole’s post-match press interviews. It was like living in a YouTube video, and the high is not yet over.

Muchos, muchos pics to come. Excuse my terrible patience at uploading and awful photographic skills and hang in there.

One Response to No Title Is Sufficient: NOLE

  1. Mushkaka says:

    Pics please!!

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