That’s My Girl!

Not sure what the rules are in blogging about what happens after you write a really fabulous, high quality post, full of humorous witticisms combined with actual sporting analysis (okay, that part was a lie), sprinkled with interesting facts and sounding light and engaging throughout. Yup, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it (generally it’s not me). Okay, so I finally blogged about the awesome news that is Jelena Dokic doing well again. I mentioned the high points of her career, I referenced her lows. I even perfectly summarised the Damir situation.

I then inserted the pic, and started waxing lyrical about the excitement of her Malaysian success.

Jelena Dokic
Thanks, crappy grainy picture from 2009 Australian Open. You so weren’t worth losing a post over.

So now my brain is working overtime and telling me that I’ll get my chance to write another Jelena post, after tonight. Tonight when she plays in the QUARTERFINALS. Of a WTA EVENT. Against another Serbian player I am growing to like, BOJANA (Bojangles to her mates). So obviously I’ll be writing another post on this tomorrow, and there’s no point posting this half-assed piece that laments my WordPress incapabilities and doesn’t even mention the awesomeness that is one of my favourite female tennis players doing well at the moment.

But I will anyway.

Let me just say, to quote a particularly noisy Australian tennis fan who filled the screens at Garden Square during a blissful Cinderella-esque quarterfinal run in January 2009, against Dinara Safina:


I love you.

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