Can’t Wait for Casey

According to the fabulous Linda Pierce of The Age, there’s a certain special someone on her way back to a tennis court near you.

Casey Dellacqua, best-known for her Target-clad hometown run in the 2008 Australian Open, is finally coming off injury #2, not exactly fun when it’s the second time in nineteen months your body’s decided to pack up on you. Instead of rushing into the Aussie Open, where we all pretty much love her after the beauty of her 2008 run, Casey kept up with her training and rehab, which hopefully means she’ll stick around a little longer this time. Very smart, because while a hometown crowd at the Australian Open is fun, isn’t another five years or so of your career, well, funner?

Casey’s been on the board for the last month or so, playing the Australian challenger circuits at Burnie, Sydney and Mildura, and there are still a couple more to go before she heads to play with the big boys and girls. This isn’t the first time I’m thanking heaven for protected rankings, but dear G-d this is a good time to do so. The article mentions Wimbledon, and not sure if that means she’ll be heading over for Clay, or starting at Wimby and going on for the rest of the US swing. Either way, it’ll be so damn good to have another girl in our stable.

Despite the fact we’ve missed having our girl on court, Casey was kinda, well, happy to just be Case:

”For the last couple of years I’ve been just Casey Dellacqua, and not really Casey the tennis player. I have to get used to now being a tennis player again, because I think I got into the reality of life and what normal life is … but the time’s going by, so I want to get back into it. Tennis is what I want to do, and I have to get used to just being back on the road, being out of my comfort zone a little bit, but I’m sure it won’t take long.”

Jelena’s back. Casey’s on her way. Can I get a woot woot, Aussie girlie tennis fans?

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