You’re Funny.

His award-winning blogs might no longer be featured on the ATP site, and his tweets may have begun resembling “One Man’s War Against the Establishment”, but Dmitry Tursunov can still look lovely and be funny when rifling through a tennis bag on some lush-looking green grass.

The folks from Wilson have posted a Bag Check which frankly I’m beyond curious when it was filmed. Doesn’t seem to be all that recent to me. It’s supposed to be uncut. If I was a journalist, I’d find out when the original was posted. But as a blogger, I’m happy to just sit back and watch. *lalala*. Oh look, isn’t he pretty?

“That’s all my prizemoney for the year.” Actually, I take that back. How well do challengers pay these days?

See you soon, Dima. I’m still watching you sweat it out in first-round five setters on the back courts, so, you know, it’d be nice doing the same in a third-rounder.

As for the pacifiers? Whatever works, baby.


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