Court 13 FTW – Montanes is our king

May 9, 2010

Court Thirteen veteran and hence random favourite Albert Montanes did what has become inevitable now in every tournament – the “Federer Upset By A Random Player” – and we couldn’t be happier that it was our Alberto!

First there was Baggy, then Ernie, and now there’s Alberto. These boys are all joining a hall of fame for those who “do not care” for The Mighty Fed…. Insert your own names here.

There goes that plan to snag an Estoril title in hopes of bumping up the points and hanging on to #1 by the hair on his chest for the end of Roland Garros and an attempt at Pete’s record. (Though the hair on his chest is a bit strong for a precarious hold. That stuff would be strong as rope.)

For those of you who have been with Court Thirteen from the beginning, you’ll be aware that this blog was named after that gorgeous little corner of Melbourne Park, where there are still patches of dirt left over from construction, where the tram lines make the most noise, and the fans rarely venture.

Where there are no toilet queues, ever, and even the chair umpire isn’t quite sure of the names of who is coming up to play next. Where the security guard gladly shares his order of play with you, and three random people sit down to watch the match. Where the silence of tennis sets in and surrounds you because you’re too far away to hear the mounting cheers from Rod Laver and the show courts.

Court Thirteen is our happy place, and it’s there that we sat down to watch Montanes take on Hernandez in this year’s round one. We may or may not have been trying to gain an audience with a particularly lovable umpire at the time, who sat himself down at Court Thirteen. While chatting with Enric, we kept an eye on little Alberto whose impressive Spanish guns and little Aussie fangirls warmed our heart. He’s now joined the ranks of the Fed Beaters in the universe, and we couldn’t be prouder. VAMOS!


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