Where have all the cowboys gone?

May 31, 2010

There’s a reason we love clay, which may have been enumerated once or twice in this article.

Our Spanish boys are usually running wild this season, taking down opponents ad, deuce and centre. (Sorry, lame tennis joke had to be done). This season, we’ve had David Ferrer in the hotseat, making the semis in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Madrid, and the final in Rome. His results on clay this season would arguably be second only to Rafa and Nando – but where has he gone? Oh wait, that was him losing to Jurgen Melzer in the third round of the CLAY SLAM?

And what about the other boys – Juan “Pico” Monaco and Juan Carlos “paperface” Ferrero?

Oh, so THAT was Juan Carlos losing to Robbie Ginepri in Round 3? Don’t get me wrong – readers of court Thirteen from way back may recall that these girls made up the two-woman cheer squad for Mr Ginepri in his first round exit from the AO 2010. We embrace our American roots, and we cheer for Robbie. Unless he is playing a Spaniard on clay. In which case, he has no business winning. None whatsoever! But props to him. Just don’t beat Nole. Please? Ta.

As for Pico, I don’t even know. His match was so long ago it’s escaped my memory. Something about a first round upset. Upset, indeed. My dirty cowboys are all gone.

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